List of installations, sound pieces, writings, curations, and artworks


Watchtower, commissioned by Coastival, produced at The Auxiliary as Artist-in-Residence, supported by Arts Council England.
Dead Weight, a sculpture using old mobile phones, a coffin, earth, rope and candles.
Terms & Conditions, a canvas showing Instagram rights that people rarely know they’re signing up to translated into morse code with dots as eyes and dashes as censorship swipes.
Tetris, another canvas incorporated keys from a computer keyboard in the form of an ever-accumulating tetris game
All Eyes On You, a sculpture using a glass fishbowl and eyes looking in from the inside. This sculpture was used to make part of the soundtrack for Watchtower, using the sound from the eyes moving within the bowl.


The Self, the Cell, More, New, a series of 8 drawings exploring the relationship between our use of digital technology and mental health. The series also includes a set of 10 collages and a sculpture looking at the spread of selfie culture. These pieces were created whilst travelling around the States and South America so they’re very portable and would fit in my bag.

Dead Pigeons and Chandeliers, produced for the Poor Door at A-Side B-Side gallery, Hackney. Shown at Ann Street Gallery in upstate New York in 2016.
Brain Clouds, a set of six drawings
Welcome to our Home, commissioned for Wandsworth Arts Festival
Ruin Nation, commissioned for DNweekeND in Doncaster
See.Sit.Sound, commissioned for Chorlton Arts Festival
Innocence, vocal score for SSA voice parts
Bedroom Politician, hip hop collaboration
Ripples on the Surface, exhibited at 59 Paintings, Moderna Art, and awarded Special Merit Award by lightspacetime
Worker Bees, a set of four paintings
Beyond, curated an art exhibition showcasing works by young disabled artists

Three pieces from Ruin Nation, produced for Open Wall at Facade gallery, curated by Blair Zaye
Butchered, tree installation for a woodland setting
Dollies, a collection of nine paintings
Nesting Instinct, commissioned by InTransit Festival, shown at Hackney Wicked, and donated to Full of Life (a charity supporting children with disabilities and their parents)
Transatlantic Pulse, score for percussion and electronics

Music in the Shape of a Cube, commissioned by Basic FM at the New Bridge Project
Eavesdropping, commissioned by Sound UK for rural touring and shown again at Walton-on-the-Naze’s sculpture trail
The Paths We Tread, commissioned by Sound UK for rural touring and shown again at Spitalfields Music’s charity walk.
Review of Charles Atlas: Glacier, Bloomberg Space, written for ArtSlant
Review of Melanie Marchot: Leap after The Great Ecstasy, CARSLEW, written for Artlyst
Review of Artangel’s Dig, The Old Odeon Site, written for Garageland

A collection of six hip-hop remixes and original compositions
Free Culture Online? written for Novel Magazine, vol. 6

Music for Screen, produced for Southbank Centre’s Vision Sound Music festival
Winds of Resistance, composed for and performed at London New Wind Festival
The Soundtrack to Social Unrest, written for Novel Magazine, vol. 5

Music for Screen, commissioned by Hull’s Glimmer Film Festival
Throwing Stones in Glass Houses, score for ensemble, performed in Middleton Hall
Fresh Air Sound, composed for and performed by Royal Northern College of Music’s Principal and clarinettist Linda Merrick
Organic Metropolis, score for ensemble, performed in Middleton Hall

In the Age of Pisces, premiered at York Spring Festival of New Music


Shortlisted for:

Collide International Artist residency (3 months in Geneva with CERN at the Hadron Collider and with FACT’s technology lab in Liverpool).

Shortlisted 1 in 4 for Varc’s 12 month rural residency in Northumberland (£15,000 plus full accommodation and studio for a year).

British Council’s £15,000 Kuwait art commission

Claudia Molitor’s Tone Festival