Symbiosis (2014)

artist, remixer, composer-performer-improviser, activist

By working across sound art, installation, sculpture, painting and collage, I create site-specific pieces which emerge from and respond to their environment. Many of these address and challenge overpowering notions of home, nature, technology, originality, property, truth and knowledge, and how these ideas mediate relationships between people. Blending what are often thought of as organic forms and manufactured structures, a recurring aim is to fuse nature and culture often resulting in a dystopian, dream-like aesthetic. I remix and recycle images and sounds which have acquired cultural symbolism to explore identity and difference, confront beliefs in the innate, locate the viewer, and resist universalising narratives. Tied into this is my interest in revealing the subjective in the objective to provide a counterforce to the seemingly-factual generalisations of positivism. How do the credible and factual interplay with the mythological? I frequently reference the fabrics, textures and materials that we use to construct spaces around ourselves. In this respect, a lot of my work can be said to have an architectural and spatial resonance.

Much of my inspiration comes from that which lies on the margins; things which are overlooked, undervalued, discarded or excluded. Experimentations with idolry and grandeur ask why we assign value to some over others. Perceiving art as a potential force for social change, I look for moments of struggle, fragility, precariousness, dynamism, tension, flux and conflict as a bridge for transformation. Music is a time-based art and I often find myself trying to tease out this quality in my more visual pieces to create a sense of the ever-changing and becoming. That said, the reasons I create art are also very personal – self improvement, mental and physical well-being, intellectual stimulation. I often wonder whether the arts keep me sane or just fuel the madness.

I aspire to create works which are accessible to people from various backgrounds with different levels of training and education. I incorporate techniques of interaction design and appropriate surveillance technology, for instance motion sensors, to draw people into my work and explore how we use our bodies to navigate a space. This is partly an exercise in empowerment. The art may be a fragment of a story wherein the viewer may take part if they choose – our actions do have consequences and our bodies can be used to great effect. This interest in the body overlaps with my use of maps as subjective representations of space. Where, why and how are boundaries enforced, who do we invite into spaces, and how do these often intangible barriers affect our psychology? At the same time, juxtapositions of scale are used to confront the ego of the human race and although I often reference the longevity of the Earth and its landscape to create context, this is to both place people in a wider ecological framework and to foster dialogues between communities.


BA Music (Uni. of Hull) – First Class Honours+ departmental prize

MSt Musicology (Uni. of Oxford) – Distinction