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With Every Fibre: post-media art on the decentralised web

A digital intervention taking place on job listings platforms to re-direct people to the decentralised web and challenge the monopolistic power of (and capitalist social relations encouraged by) Big Tech. The video above… Continue reading

Hurrian Cult Legacy: music

At its core, Hurrian Cult Legacy is about resisting island mentality, both in terms of the individual self and of nationalistic tendencies, and finding alternatives to ‘us’ and ‘them’ narratives that use othering to weaken international solidarity against abuses of power. On the peripheries, meandering improvisations and pulsating dance rhythms branch out into…

Crystalline Unclear: sonified quartz and critiques of machine learning

Crystallography is the process of shining a light through a crystalline material to reveal the qualities of its inner structure by studying its diffraction pattern. By sonifying diffraction data from a piece of… Continue reading

A will, a way?

The pointing finger can indicate direction or an intent to travel from one position to the next. This common motif that displays the location of a computer mouse’s pointer implies the strength of… Continue reading

Cosmic Reach: Chrome extension net art

Cosmic Reach takes the form of a Chrome browser extension that triggers a random image search each time a new tab is opened. This image is pulled from the search term ‘reaching’, generating… Continue reading

[TELE]: culture in quarantine

On 23 March 2020, the UK was put into lockdown as a response to the international COVID-19 pandemic. People were told to stay at home and self-isolate, with strict restrictions on going outside… Continue reading

E-houses without doors: the circular economy and cargoes of e waste

Concealed within their familiar glossy casings is an intricate network of precious metals, rare earth elements, minerals, finite resources, arsenic and mercury. The most positive interpretations of contemporary technological forms imbue them with… Continue reading

Watchtower in surround sound

A surround sound 5.1 extension of Watchtower, with 12’30” minute film. A full password-protected video version is available online for producers and programming teams. Contact for me access. A lighthouse shines its all-seeing… Continue reading

Living in an Inbox

Living in an Inbox is an immersive and interactive video installation that uses projection mapping and eye-tracking to explore digital addiction through advertising, the search for comfort in familiar routines, quick fixes and… Continue reading

+++ Legacy

Photographs and digital collage, various dimensions. Keywords: environmental art, climate change, plastic, legacy, blood, stone, Scotland landscape. Markers of time, tools with which to observe astronomical events, monuments to death, sacrifice or ritual.… Continue reading

An Inward Outlook: loneliness and the weather

An Inward Outlook: loneliness and the weather was broadcast on Radiophrenia in May 2019 from Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. Addressing how social isolation is arguably increasing in a paradoxically networked society whilst… Continue reading

Digital warmth: climate change and social isolation

Addressing how social isolation is perhaps increasing in a paradoxically networked society whilst climate change highlights a global connection of environmental responsibility to one other, Kin’s video and sound installation Brewing questions our… Continue reading

Eye in the Open Sky

Eye in the Open Sky channels ideas around light, surveillance and landscape, referencing Virilio’s seminal text Open Sky and the disappearance of the horizon in communication cultures of acceleration.  The projected visual shows… Continue reading

The effect of smartphones on mental health

Hold Me is a video installation that looks at intimacy within our use of digital technology. It’s estimated that we touch our phones around 200-300 times a day, indicating a close physical relationship… Continue reading

Shower room / Shroud

Between 2008 and 2012, GCHQ intercepted and stored the webcam images of millions of people as they had personal video chats with their friends and family via Yahoo.  The NSA uses a plug-in… Continue reading

Terms & Conditions, + All Eyes on You, Dead Weight and Tetris

From Jan-Feb 2017, I was artist-in-residence at The Auxiliary in Stockton. During that time, I focused on building a body of work that looked at our increasing use of digital (communications) technology, how… Continue reading