+++ Legacy

Photographs and digital collage, various dimensions. Keywords: environmental art, climate change, plastic, legacy, blood, stone, Scotland landscape.

Markers of time, tools with which to observe astronomical events, monuments to death, sacrifice or ritual. Where sunlight falls, a shadow is cast. A tie between land and sky, near and far, and sensory experiences of light, darkness and planetary movement. Although speculations around the purposes of such sites are unlikely to cease any time soon, they all share a common thread; that these constructions indicate a significant value, an upheld importance.

The materials that these sites are constructed with ensure their longevity and contribution to legacy. Art-making has a long history with stone. With time-consuming techniques of engraving, carving and chipping away at the surface to produce petroglyphs, it is a material that demands patience, concentration and effort. Here, digital photography and collage quicken the pace, a process-based reflection on the speed of a consumerism built on disposables, single-use plastics and throwaway packaging. The shadows left in its wake deny the ‘natural’ laws of physics; immortality obeys a different conception of time, but at what cost?

Brutality and barbaric scenes are frequently projected onto past civilisations, a linear narrative of progress that refutes any considerations around the brutality of contemporary culture.

Photographs taken of Isle of Arran’s Machrie Moor stone circles in Scotland. By Cultura Plasmic INC.

Note: +++ (plus three) on the Shulgin Ratings scale means that ignoring the effect of a substance is not an option. The consumer is feeling the consequences which demands that action takes place.