Eye in the Open Sky

Eye in the Open Sky channels ideas around light, surveillance and landscape, referencing Virilio’s seminal text Open Sky and the disappearance of the horizon in communication cultures of acceleration.  The projected visual shows a mountainous landscape which glitches and jitters, juxtaposing geological deep time with the quickening pace of networked communication speeds.

The black sphere of a surveillance camera leers above a rock-turned-disco ball, its mirrors refracting light to the edges of the space. This celestial scene of sun and moon lies above a shimmering translucent veil, the inverse peaks of mountains draw towards the floor from the weight of bodies of water; containers of a lifeforce gravitating to geological densities, a place where futures are predicted and written in the stars.

In this planetary landscape, above and below become one, mirrored, the horizon of distance disappears as we enter the ever-present.

A soundscape collates recordings of air breathed across bottle tops, removing the pause for breath which marks physiological time and creating an endless drone that collapses the sense of moment-to-moment being.

Developed whilst Artist-in-Residence at Can Serrat.