Urban landscape / alone in a crowd

Medium: Acrylic paint, polyfiller, tape, polystyrene, pencil and a compass on hardboard. 60cm x 90cm

Living and working in the City of London can be a strange experience. During the week, 330,000 people travel in to work  here yet only 7000 people live here. There are 16,580 businesses operating in the City, meaning that for every resident there is more than double the amount of businesses. When the city workers return home at the weekends, it can be eerily quiet. This painting can be thought of as an alternative landscape painting. The height of urban high rises is compared to mountainous terrain, as is the desire for space, privacy and solitude that exists in these locations. As an artist currently living in this environment, I often feel the need to escape the crowds and resist the feeling of being hemmed in, so this painting for me is a way to explore the psychological effects of living within this space.

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